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Photo of firewood.

Wood is a vital energy resource in Vermont.Many of the state’s households burn wood as their primary fuel and wood-using industries in Vermont have long used wood for space heating and drying lumber. Vermont also has two commercial electric generating stations and several industrial sized heating plants using wood chips because of their ease of operating control, lower fuel cost, and manageability. Wood chips are used to heat over thirty public schools around the state, two state office complexes and seven other state facilities.

Photo of a wood electricity generator.Forest managers, landowners and the forest products industry have come to realize that increasing the amount of wood used for energy can help attain forest management goals, now and into the future. The expanded use of wood for energy has increased the opportunity to utilize low quality trees.


Please check out all of the Wood Energy Pages to learn more about the use of wood for heating and electric generation, and learn how you and your community can benefit from this native energy source.
Photo of a well manageged forest.


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