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The Lands Administration Division provides a vital Agency-wide lands administration function and is responsible for the administration of all lands (and interests in lands) held by the three major departments in the Agency of Natural Resources (Fish and Wildlife; Forests, Parks and Recreation; and Environmental Conservation).  Agency lands inclPhoto of Maidstone Lake from campgroundude Vermont state parks, state forests, wildlife management areas, boating access areas, conservation camps, streambank parcels, flood control sites, fish hatcheries, and various miscellaneous holdings.

Specific program responsibilities of the division include maintaining Agency land records and maps; administering leases, licenses, and special uses permits on Agency lands; providing property surveys and resolving related boundary issues pertaining to Agency lands; coordinating and implementing Agency land acquisitions, exchanges, and other land transactions; overseeing the development of long-range management planning on Agency lands; development of Agency  lands policy; and providing information to the public on Agency lands. These tasks are carried out by a staff of six which includes a Lands Administration Section Chief, a State Lands Surveyor, a Lands Administrative and Records Coordinator, and Division Director.


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