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Final Long-Range Management Plan
Appendices Not Included in Document Above
Appendix I - Responsiveness Summary
Appendix J - Relationship to Regional and Local Plans


Figure Subject Page
Figure III-1 Location Map III-2
Figure III-2 Map of Former Champion Lands III-4
Figure III-3 Publicly Conserved Lands in Northeast Vermont III-14
Figure III-4 Area Map III-16
Figure IV-1 Base Map IV-4
Figure IV-2 Bedrock Geology of Vermont IV-9
Figure IV-3 Acquatic Ecosystems Map IV-16
Figure IV-4 Vegetation and Forests Stands Map IV-19
Figure IV-5 Natural Communities Map IV-22
Figure IV-6 State Significant Natural Communities IV-25
Figure IV-7 Significant Habitats & Rare Plant/Animal Sites IV-39
Figure IV-8 Public Access Map IV-45
Figure IV-9 Historic & Archaeological Resources Map IV-51
Figure IV-10 Leased Camp Lots IV-52
Figure V-1 Active Management Area & Core Area V-14
Figure V-2 Core Area Compared with Total Former Champion Lands V-15
Figure V-3 Road Network Map V-58
Figure V-4 Areas More Than 1 Mile From Drivable Roads V-60
Figure V-5 Recreation Corridors & Public Access Map V-77
Figure V-6 Recreation Linkages V-94


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