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Willoughby State Forest

Sutton & Westmore, VT

Photo of Willoughby Lake and Mt Pisgah


Final Long-Range Management Plan
Changes to Draft Plan Included in Final Plan
2012 Amendment to Final Long-Range Management Plan
2015 Amendment to Final Long-Range Management Plan


Locator Map & Biophysical Regions (figure 1)
Area Basic Map (figure 2)
Land Classification Map (figure 3)
Duck Pond/Blake Pond Recreation Area (figure 4)
Map of Timber Harvesting Schedule (figure 5)
South End Intensive Use Area Map (figure 6)
Bedrock Geology Map (figure 7)
Natural Communities Map (figure 8)
Wildlife Habitat Map (figure 9)
Timber Assessment Map (figure 10)
Public Access Map (figure 11)
Lakes & Ponds Access Assessment (figure 12)
Cultural/Historic Resources Map (figure 13)
Legal Constraints (figure 14)









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