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Understanding the Vermont Fire Danger Report


Vermont calculates fire danger based on the 1988 version of the National Fire Danger Rating System (NFDRS).  Input into the NFDRS model comes from weather observations at five remote automated weather stations (RAWS) located as follows:
Location Abbreviation WIMS ID Number
Essex Junction ESS 430501
Elmore State Park ELM 430601
Sweezy (Danby) DAN 431301
Woodford State Park MARL 431401
Nulhegan (Brunswick) NUL 430402


Sample Vermont Fire Danger Report

The Vermont Fire Danger Report is issued daily through spring fire season in Vermont, typically from the end of March when snow melts to early to mid May when Vermont greens up.  The report is issued periodically through the summer and fall until snowfall ends fire season for the year.  

Column Definitions for the Vermont Fire Danger Report.



VT Department of Forests, Parks & Recreation, May 2014.


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