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Urban & Community Forestry

View of street trees in downtown Montpelier.

Vermont has a long history of managing its forests for multiple uses,including timber, fuelwood, wildlife, habitat, and recreation. In addition to the 4.5 million acres of land that we traditionally viewed as forestland, another forest touches our lives everyday: our urban and community forest. Trees along streets, in parks and town greens, and on municipal forest lands are our community forests. These trees provide numerous environmental, social and economic benefits, however, they are not always managed as a community resource. In Vermont assistance in the urban and community forestry is provided by the Urban and Community Forestry (UCF) Program. The program's mission is "To promote the stewardship of urban and rural landscapes to enhance the quality of life in Vermont communities." It is guided by a twenty-member ADVISORY COUNCIL and the PROGRAM STAFF includes a Program Coordinator, five District Urban and Community Foresters and a Community Involvement Coordinator.

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