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Man limbing a tree in the winter.Vermont’s forest-based businesses are an important part of the state’s economy. Forest-based manufacturing in Vermont provided 12% of the manufacturing payroll and employed 16% of manufacturing 2005 (The Economic Importance and Wood Flows From Vermont’s Forests-2007, NEFA). The industry contributed $1.0 billion in value of shipments to the economy; 9.3% of Vermont’s total manufacturing sales and provides employment for 6,379 people.

Forests also provide the setting for the Vermont tourism industry. Forest related recreation & tourism provides roughly $485 million per year to the State’s economy. Helping to maintain a working forested landscape and a forest-based economy, are the primary goals of the Department of Forests, Parks & Recreation’s Forest Product Utilization and Marketing Section. The forest-based economy supports employment and provides forest landowners with solid financial returns through planned timber harvesting. A forest-based economy also promotes value added manufacturing and tourism, and leads to long-term prosperity.

The Utilization and Marketing Section staff is knowledgeable in the economic and technical Photo of a Vermont sawmill.aspects of wood availability and processing-from the forest to the finished product, including the use of wood for energy. With the help of many partners, including the Departments of Economic Development and Public Service, specialists work with the forest industry and industry associations to help improve competitiveness, through improved wood utilization, targeted marketing efforts, collection and analysis of forest resource information, and by providing training opportunities for industry managers and employees.

The Section publishes a bi-monthly newsletter for the wood using industry, a number of industry directories, and acts as a local source for publications related to wood utilization produced by the US Forest Service. Staff specialists work with US Forest Service personnel to collect and maintain information on the forest resource in Vermont.

Photo of a furniture factory.Check the links on the right to learn more about the U&M Section and the forest products industry in Vermont.



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